Photoshoot - Good vs Evil - Exhibition to Support McGrath Foundation

Photoshoot – Good vs Evil – Exhibition to Support McGrath Foundation

Ok, so this was a fun shoot! Good vs Evil trial photoshoot for the McGrath Foundation Exhibition. The photographer is the lovely Anastasia Acland-Shritz.

I had five guys to prepare, two good and three evil. I had to make the good guys look angelic with flawless and glowy skin. In contrast, the evil guys were given the dark, broody and gloomy look.

It was a lot of fun, as the guys really got into character. A lot of men shy away from make-up, not this lot! Some of them wanted stronger make-up. You have to be careful when doing men. There is a fine line between helping them get into character and making them look too feminine, or looking like a clown (unless that is what you are trying to achieve!). Also, you need to respect the medium. HD photography and film picks-up a lot, so you have to be careful not to be too heavy handed and be smooth with your work (i.e. no demarcation lines). If the models/actors were on stage, the make-up would have been stronger/sharper to give the necessary definition and for the audience to see the character’s features properly from a distance.

I really enjoy doing character make-up, it was a nice change from doing beauty. Other make-up artists prepared the female models. Also, this is just a snapshot. More images to come once Anastasia finishes working on them. Hope you like them! :-)

Photographer:  Anastasia Acland-Shritz

Models: Khanh, Bryce, Gavin, Jakob and Rayneil

Hair + Make-Up:  Veronica Colvin